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Wondervision is a designers and artisans movement which questions our imaginary of Matter. It aims at renewing our vision of Beauty through a poetic narrative and a sustainable creative methodology stemming from craftsmanship.

We have decided to apply this mastery of the Matter to the elaboration of new plastic and theoretical discourses. We are choosing to turn waste into a resource and to shift our expertise from the productive to the relational, therefore, to turn our profession into a ‘laboratory’ for analysis and speculation of our futures.

In order to do so, we, Stanislas Aroua, Marie-France de Crécy, Sidonie Lasseron and Juliette Roulleaux, choose to sign this commitment under the common name of Wondervision.
For the past two years, the Studio has gained committed profiles, all of them willing to think differently about their profession. To give it meaning and make it responsible in the face of the various crises we’re experiencing in the age of neo-liberalism and ecological issues.


What is an Alternative Thinker for you?

A professional operating in the creative sector, who uses his/her expertise in the service of a need to re-invent our professions, their fields of application and values. This echoes the deep issues linked to the climate crisis, the precariousness of individuals, the loss of meaning. An Alternative Thinker seeks to affirm new creative and relationship narratives.

What are you bringing forward in your work?

We aim to renew the creative process, craft and production by sublimating waste into matter of Beauty. We create space-time where one re-connect to senses. We believe that making together allows us to think out of our social and cultural bubbles. We know that in this ubiquitous digital world, connecting to matter extends to connecting to ourselves and to our own body. We think that it is key for the 21st century. Our laboratory is also a place where we question norms and create new standards.

What would you like to see change in the current economy?

The current economic logic is essentially oriented towards profit and has the capacity to make us forget this objective. Thus, neo-liberalism has freed itself from the well-being of its consumers without our being able to fully appreciate it, nor to understand the consequences on ourselves and on our environment.

Wondervision seeks, at its own scale, to find meaning in the question of well-being, of the individual, of his relationship to work, to others, to himself and to his own body.

We draw inspiration from this reflection offered by the historian Yuval Noah Harari in his essay 21 Lessons for the 21st Century: “A decisive step for humanity will be to understand that humans have a body.” We believe that in this digital age, it is more than ever necessary to remain connected to our body, to ourselves as beings made of matter.

Tell us what your vision of the new world – post COVID-19 – is like?

This crisis has come to seek us on the question of survival. We do not answer them all and in the same way, but we have become aware of the fragility of our system. Professionally we see that brands have a growing need for new stories. They are more inclined to move their lines because they are now aware that anything can change.

What are the questions you have been thinking of for years and never had the time to answer?

We are in a phase where we are taking the time to ask ourselves fundamental questions. The question of remuneration, the means of securing a group, the question of our role as creatives and creatives rooted in the challenges of our time.

Who would you like to collaborate with in terms of brands / institutions / property developers / other Alternative Thinkers?

We aspire to meet socio-professional universes that are not used to working with creative entities like us. It is this readiness to go to « elsewhere » that stimulates us and creates new opportunities, outside the « comfort zone ».

A redefinition of Beauty:

Wondervision x Maison Caron

Our partnership with Maison Caron focuses on boutique and shop window settings which are 100% made from waste materials. The guideline underlying this project is to fundamentally change creative processes, both in design and production. We have thus formalized a sustainable creation methodology in order to produce settings only based on the reuse of existing materials. We collect and transform waste materials from which we create entirely handmade immersive settings that are like a true invitation to an olfactory journey proposed by Maison Caron.

A redefinition of Beauty: Wondervision x Maison Caron

Vestiges enneigés – A creation for Maison Caron’s winter window diplays

A redefinition of Beauty: Wondervision x Maison Caron

Photo by Mathilda Olmi – HEAD Geneva

A pedagogy to create out of the box

Wondervision x HEAD x Caritas Geneva

Caritas, a non-profit organisation fighting against poverty, and 50 students of HEAD (Geneva School of Art and Design) met around a shared issue: how to be creative while supporting the ecological transition? Together with Aurore de Geer, Juan Sebastian Galan Bello and Elodie Wismer, Wondervision co- designed an immersive week within Caritas’ waste. New, odd, poetic or even useful objects were designed from Caritas obsolete products and materials.