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The Workers


The Workers is an award-winning creative technology studio based in London founded by Tommaso, Margot and Nicolas.

They specialise in the innovative use of technology and work with cultural institutions and brands who want to find new ways to communicate with and engage their public.

By using the full spectrum of digital technologies they deliver delightful and surprising experiences through environmental installations, screen-based media, AR & VR, storytelling and live events. The Workers do love a challenge and push the boundaries of what people expect to find in an exhibition, an event or advertising campaign.

Some of their clients include the V&A, Tate Modern, Barbican, MOMA, Nike, the BBC, Google, Coca-Cola, The Design Museum, Bloomberg Connects and Microsoft, to name a few.


Margot Myers, answers Alternative Thinkers questions and shares her ambition to make culture and creative thinking parts of everyone’s life by bringing it to the forefront of our education system.

What is an Alternative Thinker for you?

An alter thinker is a dreamer of change.

What are you bringing forward in your work?

Surprise, knowledge and play

We believe that if you are fully part of an experience you are more likely to remember it.
In our work, we invite the public to be at the centre of the action, be it following the ghost of Charles Dickens through the V&A, guiding a web controlled robot at night through the Tate Britain or exploring dance in a virtual world. We learn through experience.

Why did you highlight this/these specific project(s) below?

Each of the projects below have been designed for a very specific age group. The project, Bookworms, at the National Library in Vienna was imagined for primary age school children, Immersive Dickens, which took place at the V&A was designed for teenagers and Future Proof your Body, was designed for adults. A very different kind of public but with the same approach and goal in mind: sparking the audience’s curiosity to embark them on a surprising quest of knowledge and new discoveries.

What would you like to see change in the current economy?

I am particularly interested in the future of our education system. Throughout the years very little has changed on how we engage with our kids. Whenever our economy suffers the first thing to be cut out of a school’s budget is art and creative activities. To me it feels like cutting the branch you are sitting on.

Creativity should be brought at the front stage of education. Not because we want to turn everyone into an artist but because creative thinking is key to a successful development and will help in all aspects of life. Every professional (engineers, doctors, teachers…) will face challenges that require them to think outside the box. Let’s prepare our kids for the future they chose.

What are the questions you have been thinking of for years and never had the time to answer?

Can we eradicate boredom from schools?

Who would you like to collaborate with in terms of brands / institutions / property developers / other Alternative Thinkers?

I would love to work with all the unsung alternative thinkers out there: kids, teenagers, teachers and anyone who thrive to make knowledge exciting.

Bookworms, Austrian National Library, Vienna

Bookworms is a site-specific augmented reality story, that allows children to explore the Austrian National Library in an entirely new way. The bookworms Anna, Bruno and Wolf go on a quest to find the truth – to distinguish fact from fiction – in the magnificent Baroque library, thereby introducing children to the space and some of the fascinating, ancient books within it.
Credits: A collaboration with Kris Hofmann (story and creative direction), Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm (Models and Animation).

Bookworms, Austrian National Library, Vienna

Bookworms, Austrian National Library, Vienna

Immersive Dickens, V&A, London

Immersive Dickens, V&A, London

Immersive Dickens, V&A, London

At the V&A, a regular audio tour gets suddenly hijacked by Charles Dickens himself, bringing the students away from the tour and onto a parallel world…
Think of the result as “augmented reality for your ears”. Imagine putting headphones on and listening to a parallel world: Charles Dickens whispering into your ear, footsteps coming closer, Big Ben chiming in the background… Stepping into a Victorian world as you walk around…
Credits: A collaboration with the V&A and Punchdrunk

Future Proof Your Body, University of Exeter

Can our bodies fulfil their potential in a virtual environment? The experience invites participants/audiences to explore the body’s full potential through movement and creativity. Using virtual reality headsets, members of the public will be encouraged to explore the computer-simulated world that intertwines with entrancing and alluring sounds and music, designed to encourage and stimulate movement.
Credits: A collaboration with choreographer Joumana Mourad.

Future Proof Your Body, University of Exeter

Future Proof Your Body, University of Exeter