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Selection of projects

Alternative Thinkers aims to simplify the link between creators and patrons to connect them quickly and efficiently.

It is designed to protect the integrity of the work and freedom of the practitioner while ensuring that the funder is part of an original and ground-breaking project.

Artists and designers state their funding needs, i.e. concept, touring, or collaboration and if a funder is interested, then Alternative Thinkers will make it happen!

As governments, and traditional systems fail us, we need alternative thinkers to help generate a more inclusive and mindful future. It is time that designers are recognized as playing as critical a role as other decision makers, such as urban planners and governments, in shaping what our future looks like!

Material Research | Collaboration

Charlotte McCurdy / After Ancient Sunlight

Art | Installation

Dejha Ti & Ania Catherine / virtual-platform

Design | Research Program

Jane Withers / Water Futures 2.0

Material Research | Collaboration

Jane Withers / Reimagining Death

Design | Documentary

Jonnie Morris / The Cutting Edge: a bio couture odyssey

Art | Touring Installation

Steve Lastro / Shedlife

Art | Touring Installation

Thijs Biersteker / Wither

Technology | Touring Installation

Woven Studio / Dark Distortions