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Call to Action!

As a brand, an institution, or a philanthropist, we would love for you to help fund any of these Alternative Thinkers’ projects.

We will help connect you with them and make it happen!

​Please find below our team and three possible ways for you to help these Alternative Thinkers bring their projects to life.

How can you help?

Three options:

1-Concept / Research

Early phases of a project, where an Alternative Thinker would be looking for initial investments to be able to launch a project.

2-Touring Opportunities

Already launched and showcased installations / exhibitions looking for new homes around the world.


Alternative Thinkers looking to collaborate with other thinkers and/or with an external patron to find specific solutions around a key question.

Alternative Thinkers
core Team:

Anne-Laure Pingréoun

Founder and Curator

Six years ago, Anne-Laure Pingreoun launched Alter-Projects with the aim to connect brands with creative talents to produce thoughtful, unprecedented work through a series of collaborations.

After 15 years of working in marketing and design for lead creative agencies, Anne-Laure saw an opportunity to create something more lasting and meaningful than typical advertising-oriented installations. Brokering mutually beneficial collaborations, Anne-Laure works as a curator and producer to help brands disrupt and innovate while simultaneously enabling creators to actualise their dreams and to exceed the limits of their practice.

List of Patrons

We are leaving some room to feature all future patrons backing up our amazing Alternative Thinkers projects. Watch this space!